XTB Invites For Monthly Training With Ex-Goldman Trader!


Lex van Dam

XTB invites for unique series of webinars with legend of trading and ex-Goldman trader – Lex van Dam. Online meetings will be held all July and the first one is planned for June 28th.

25 years of experience during 5 lessons

During 5 weeks with Lex van Dam there will be a possibility to hear tips and strategies of former Goldman Sachs trader with 25 years of experience. Here are some more details of the training:

  • 5 webinars with Lex van Dam
  • First two webinars are free and available after registration
  • To access three next webinars, you have to open real XTB account
  • Opening XTB account is completely free and you can do it online
  • Find out how to use Lex methods in your own investing strategies

Webinars will be held on Wednesdays, always at 18:00 GMT, full schedule is available below:

  • Lesson 1: June 28th (for all)
  • Lesson 2: July 5th (for all)
  • Lesson 3: July 12th (just for XTB customers)
  • Lesson 4: July 19th (just for XTB customers)
  • Lesson 5: July 26th (just for XTB customers)

Who is Lex van Dam?

Born in 1968 in the Netherlands, hedge fund manager, individual trader and coach specializing in stocks, Forex and derivatives. His professional career started in 1992 when he was one of the trading desks in Goldman Sachs.

In the next years he was connected with hedge fund GLG which was in last decade the biggest one in Europe. Currently since 2007 he is a manager in Hampstead Capital.

In 2009 he was an expert during Million Dollar Traders TV show aired on BBC. Its purpose was to transform 8 average British citizens to professional traders. It was reproduction of popular turtle experiment created by Richard Dennis.

In 2010 he established Lex van Dam Trading Academy – its aim is training beginning traders and people without knowledge about the market.

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XTB Invites For Monthly Training With Ex-Goldman Trader!

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