Forex start up – do it yourself

Every project big or small starts with a plan. And so we have to ask ourselves many questions on how we want to get from point A to point B on our road to success. The business plan for forex startup will be similar to other business. It must be the best possible plan for us. We can’t afford to lose money that is often savings of our life. We need to have deep knowledge and “know how” of how foreign exchange market works. Most of the people who would want to start business connected to foreign exchange market are experts in what they are doing. Probably they are doing it for many years. Our currency exchange firm will be a project started by us and managed by us in first months or years. Only our experience and wisdom can set us on right path. Another thing is that our own forex company project will have to apply many basic steps at the beginning as any other starting company would do. Let’s try to sum them up in this short article.

Forex start up – basic steps to take

The first step is to gather initial capital. Without a certain amount of money, we can’t do anything. Where money is, their things become serious. It’s not different with foreign exchange business. We need money to run business for few months in advance. We need capital to buy office or rent it. Furniture, computers are next. Then there is money needed for personnel and highly advanced software that will connect our company with financial networks and data of the world markets. Without it our company will be blind. Our personnel will need training and correct guidance. They will deal with different customers and they have to know well all areas of their responsibility.

Of course in order to start our own forex start up its essential to legalize it. We need permissions, licensing and legal paperwork done with the assistance of our administrative officials. This will take time. It’s important that we have chosen out a correct starting point for our forex company. Most of the owners of such companies start their business in low tax areas like Cyprus. We have to remember that law is different in many areas so of course it’s not legal in every country to do so. We need to know what law says in our jurisdiction. Other very important thing is that we need a contract with PSP (Payment Service Provider).

Of course, there are much more equally important elements for new forex company. It’s beneficial for interested people to read highly specialized literature on this topic and ask for advice of experts who are for example, already successful foreign exchange business owners.


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