Successful traders and investors understand that superior technology and low trading costs help achieve greater returns.
Iceberg Brokers provides access to the Foreign Exhange Market with no commissions, no dealing desk and very tight spreads.


There’s a lot more we have to offer.

p>Iceberg Brokers is an online brokerage that was established with the aim of serving all types of financiers from the casual investor to the high-frequency trader.

  • We have created an investment service with you, the client, in mind.
  • Throughout our years working at the world’s leading brokerages, we saw that waiting for the desired service would often take months.
  • We have recognized there is a void in the market of investment/trading services that we intend to fill, so that you
  • can take advantage of the best services at the best rates,
  • will have unprecedented market access.
  • can access what has been available only to Hedge Funds and major investors. All that, without the frustration of having to wait for months on end.

While developing our service, one key aspect was to cut the time spent with paperwork and red tape, so you can focus on what’s most important: get the most out of your funds.
Our goal here at Iceberg Brokers is to become the single most dependable and prominent partner for traders and investors among all online brokerages.

A well-nurtured relationship with our clients and an experienced team of professionals possessing an in-depth knowledge of international markets represent the pillars Iceberg Brokers is built upon. Our goal is to have long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone doing business with us. We continuously improve our processes based on client feedback, in order to be able to meet and even exceed expectations. A client-focussed approach and outstanding work quality are expected from all our employees and are subject to evaluation on a regular basis.

Key to our operations is the fact that we only hire committed and talented individuals with a keen interest in markets and trading. Realizing ever greater returns is encouraged with our remuneration scheme, which is full of performance-based incentives.
Customer focus is our top priority, and quality, value and time are key words for all of us.

Three Things You Can Save With Us:

Time: The signing of a contract takes very little time and even less paperwork, and we make sure you have everything you need. It’s all simple and straightforward, so you can begin trading/investing quickly.
Money: Our fees are the lowest on the market. To see a detailed list of our rates, please click here.
Convenience: With Iceberg Brokers, you do not need to give up your proven trading platform as integration of third-party software is supported. For more information, please contact our customer service.

To get the best brokerage services for yourself or for your company, give us a try.


  • Lowest prices and rates
  • Leverage
  • Forex trading
  • Algo and mouse input trading for fast execution
  • Integration of third-party software
  • Multiple trading options

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*Citizens or residents of the United States, Canada and New Zealand are not eligible for the services of Iceberg Brokers.